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joining me though to raise some of the gateway which is the ground in period truly to tell you was that. you can to listen to the socialism that you see don't need to go and. read this and the colonel was the general to retreat. you when war crimes prosecutors seek the arrest of colonel gadhafi as russia calls for an end to the bloodshed in libya at a cost with both sides. of the euro currency countries casto worried i towards spain as its record jobless rate and looming prospects pushing toward qualify for a bailout for. blood spills on israel's borders and on the anniversary of the state's validation as thousands of pro palestinian activists come under fire from the army.
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eight pm in moscow i met treasurer good to have you with us here on r t our top story the war crimes court is requesting arrest warrants for colonel gadhafi and two other senior libyan officials for crimes against humanity is comes as the head of britain's armed forces says nato must intensify its military campaign in libya with direct attacks against the regime party's lawyer and it has more from london. it seems that this is a u.n. resolution that has been really stretched beyond recognition and that's not according to me that's according to various members of parliament that i've spoken to various groups they say that this is not what the u.n. resolution was intended to do all the calls in the defense of this kind of action big people who are proposing us are saying that gadhafi himself is a direct threats to his own people so the aim of this escalation which will target infrastructure and we're not clear what's infrastructure actually means but certainly it could include things like bridges power stations water supplies things
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that would put the libyan people significantly on the back foot for the next ten years while those kinds of things are rebuilt the aim of this escalation is to target colonel gadhafi which does smack of regime change of course we've also seen the international criminal courts request court judges to issue arrest warrants to three people one of them is of course colonel gadhafi himself the other another one is his second eldest son who of course was educated in london and housewifely been seen as the best chance for a negotiated peace with colonel gadhafi regime and the other man is to see who is a good brother in law and the head of the intelligence services now the chief prosecutor is alleging in a statement that he made that these people were directly involved in attacking civilians shooting at demonstrators and shelling various things among them funeral processions and what's going to happen now is that the judge is going to evaluate that evidence that we think that's going to take around four weeks and they're
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going to decide whether to confirm these charges and issue international arrest warrants which would put his son and his brother in law on the international wanted list simple time is to got debate in parliament there will be a protest held outside downing street to try to bring members of parliament attention to the plight of libyans antiwar demonstrators will be calling for an immediate cessation. we've seen a poll that was up to the daily mail newspaper that says that seven out of ten brits. could see the iraq. crisis will also try to draw attention to the price of what people according. to running away from the asterix who are being ignored completely by hoarding to them and i journalist james corbett says the plan to get off the arrest warrant suggests justice is becoming a political and military tool for the coalition in libya would be easy to dismiss the international criminal court's appeal for
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a an arrest warrant for his crimes against humanity as that is something of a farce and specially considering that the international criminal court's prosecutor's office now admits that not a single member of that office actually bothered to step foot in libya to investigate crimes against humanity with which he was charged but i think this is actually sets a very troubling precedent in the realm of international jurisprudence where we see the idea that for all intents and purposes nato geo political foreign policy can now be justified through dramatical action in this international criminal court simply by creating and so the ludicrous nature of the entire operation is exposed and i'm asked for all to see and hear is a humanitarian intervention that is now literally going to be bombing infrastructure for the libyan people on the basis of humanitarian intervention it's supposed to help the populace again it makes no sense on its face unless it's understood that this is simply an attempt at regime change and it is now being supposedly justified through this very troubling precedent of an international
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criminal court being able to dictate what happens within the boundaries of a sovereign country so again i think we'll see this president used as a way of basically allowing nato countries and nato had you want to interests to dictate their foreign policy through his core. commentary from journalist james corbett stay with us here on r t coming your way how a sex scandal could do your real europe's financial recovery she faces pored over allegedly assaulting a hotel maid putting his influence on euro bailout talks and his french presidency chances on the line. but before we get to that european finance ministers are likely to have to dig deeper into their pockets to give more help for bankrupt greece as well as finalize a package for portugal as they gather in brussels greece has already been bailed out by the e.u. and the i.m.f. but needs more cash as it's failing to grow things is expected to announce further austerity cuts if it wants to secure more desperately needed funds over in portugal
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the crumbling economy there is now awaiting a seventy eight billion euro rescue package over the next three years across the border in spain which is suffering with record high unemployment levels protests against deep economic cuts have been violent as arky sorry for three points from madrid the country next in line for a hand. this creek bed. and now portugal as the year is things fade outs go to number there are now serious concerns that spain could be the next to talk will play test this throughout here at the clamoring to the case even the attacks case money being plowed into rescuing the. bank that. thing again. that. makes about it really was. the end of twenty five that everyone wanted like the
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belated knock a broken thing this new side of the thing i think that these going to be on fire this is only. the women we will easing with and we will be millions if you raise things copeland's lens enough now. greece defaulting on its loans even potentially accepting the gather and portugal's recent bailout is reported to be worth around seventy eight billion year that spain is the euro zone's fulfill largest economy be a different challenge altogether if it fails. if the situation happened the markets would not manage it buying out of spins debt is the most catastrophic scenario for the e.u. what will the e.u. do i think in many experts share my opinion that the e.u. will do the utmost to avoid the scenario would any cost because spain is too big to fail. then you got a. big question now is just how much longer can the usa continue bankrolling
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going bust as the spiraling crisis continues to escalate there is a ministers are struggling to maintain a united front. for financial survival for such countries a spain would seriously injure the euro it could lead to the accuser to currency zones in europe a strong group of countries using the euro and the rest not using it. thinking to the play down speculation should be the next country to ask for a bit out of this problem is continuing greece ireland and now portugal the possibility of spain becoming the next thing countries that remains a very real threat and right now you're a kid like this and the reality. is that the stakes far apart there are a big threat. spain is being pointed out as the country that might determine the survival
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of the euro but with an uncompetitive workforce high private sector debt and a bankrupt real estate market returns transfers are looking all that good from our perspective on. any period thanks for joining us so spain and so far has not. it is to avoid collapsing alongside greece ireland and portugal but with unemployment raging ahead how long do you think it's likely to hold out now thanks for having me but i also have to write the news on the wall says the euro or susie's euro crisis starters and there have been two schools of hearts one saying dad did the original sin is with the architectural weaknesses of the euro that the euro itself he said are incomplete experiments we do have a central bank but we don't have a treasury so we don't issue european that we don't he should be ruled on that's called unify the euro zone member sense that sense create a level of ground for all the eurozone economies so it differs one school or start
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the other one says that we can you know performance our way out of this through austerity and that we can service our debts through such crowd scene you know the bollywood budgets who are the second school of thought has the upper hand of course we know that the american and mr sarkozy ascribe to that few and they are free to implement it gets and he just fits until this moment it has failed and the seven months ago we had the meeting with him in between merkel and sarkozy in-door feel they have decided against europe once and for alternative matters and since then to european countries who are their own countries have it in the dust of the court and now maybe spain so one has to ask how many countries are going to be left down this road so that we get to the to the you know to the almost religious you
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ritualistic you that through an austerity one because conservatives his or her debts it's literally impossible you newsgroups in order to pay your debts and with this kind of austerity in this context you cannot grow out of your dad's rescue in spain could cost. more than three hundred fifty billion euros do you think that could be the straw that breaks the eurozone back so to speak what it will be clearly one fork in the road where we'll have to decide either we keep our you know moving through india's clearly unrealistic bust or maybe we should do what we should have found one euro which is to at least unify our it's part of the software of the so called sovereign gaps because it's not sober in any of our we don't have monetary sovereignty so it's that obvious that it's not so great and where we do have monetary song which is at the e.c.b. level at the euro zone we have called we have you know within the characters we don't you know as as and as. you know if you take all of the
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eurozone as of itself what with levels of deficit the. rights which they are better than the in the u.k. and the in the u.s. so you can clearly you know creates. a eurozone doubts that's sustainable i guess people want to buy in and that's kind of you know help europe even you know turn around the economy because you're cool you sure of yourself are on the one hand world you know bring those interest level star and deficit have some money will be left over for infrastructure projects new jobs and girls are going to have to jump in here the bailout talks have been somewhat winded by the i.m.f. chief us are asked on the sexual assault charges how do you think his absence will affect the euro zone's recovery plan. well i don't know and i think that's you know he has been our on the on the stage for a year now people say that yet we have to be more realistic than the european
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commission or the e.u. european governments we've seen got in portugal with the i.m.f. you know of trying to settle lower interest rates than our own partners in europe and of course the difference between paying three and all for part of the house which seems to be differences between the the i.m.f. and the n d c it's a big difference it makes you know paying your debts back release your unrealistic grants to know even if dominique's was going to sink more realistic things of what's euro zone crisis in the middle of two to two you know two to be persuasive and a few north you know isn't going to be as european governments so i don't think that's usually waits for you know all the difference in the future will come out and shows that policy like you know it will have hopes with might be a good idea for instance as head of the she what i think that's ultimately will carry the response is is reality this is sustainable so it will break the back of
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the camel as you say sooner or later and. literally sooner or that the european governments specially france and germany is once they recognize that reality all right portion is here and he retired are is that fair thank you very much. euro zone's recovery talks are taking somewhat of a backseat to the trouble at the top of the international monetary fund whose chief has been charged with sexual assault dominic strauss kahn will appear in a new york court later on monday after medical tests he denies allegations but is clouding any hopes that he had of becoming france's next president as french politics expert and i mean our own dani tells our kate. he was indeed going to announce his candidacy for the clinton twelve presidential elections and i think these allegations will come as a huge blow for french socialists who really saw him as the great hope to succeed president sarkozy in next year's presidential elections and i don't think at this
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stage. kind of will even think of running for president because i think will prove extremely difficult to juggle i think ations of sexual assault. and rape with a presidential campaign i think president sarkozy's an obvious candidate could benefit from from the scandal although he's very low in the poll of the man with the longest. the know mr reith in fact for any french president in the history of the fifth republic but i think this will benefit him hugely i see will be able to hoop that he will you know he will reassure him give him more confidence to tackle the presidential elections. much more strength than the current situation for. journalists to be around dining out how sex assault allegations
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against the head of the i.m.f. might affect the balance of power in french politics. turning back to our top story now russia says it's ready for a dialogue with both sides of the libyan conflict help resolve the crisis and end the violence foreign minister sergei lavrov says officials from tripoli and representatives from benghazi will come to moscow for more on this we're dry live out here our peter moscow is ready to make good on its push to use talking to bring the two sides together tell us more about that. but that's right since the outset of this conflict in libya several months ago russia's continued to say that they were willing to act as a mediator between the two sides to try and broker a peace deal or it seems that the the first of these meetings to try and. that deal will be taking place that's set for tuesday here in moscow as representatives of the tuffy regime will be in town to meet with foreign minister lavrov. missed a lot of also said that he was willing to even wanting to meet with representatives from the the the rebels based out of benghazi but hadn't set
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a exact date for that meeting just yet so that first meeting set to take place on tuesday here in moscow to find out what will hopefully try and bring an end to this conflict it's divided that north african nation now say is russia really living up to what they've they've said in the past and they've missed a lot of rob went on to give me a statement he gave to say that russia was willing to work with all of its other partners in the region to try and bring about a peaceful solution for the people of libya. and we were asked to have a leading in moscow by officials in tripoli and by representatives of the rebels in benghazi russia is ready to maintain dialogue with anyone who is very interested in the quickest ends to the bloodshed in libya and switching to political negotiations we support the african union initiatives aimed at a ceasefire and beginning dialogue and reaching a national reconciliation in the interests of the entire libyan people in the
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interest of libya sovereignty and territorial integrity. for all of their confirming that he will meet with representatives of the gadhafi regime here in moscow and she's day and was prepared to meet with representatives from the rebels in benghazi to try and bring about a solution through dialogue to the crisis in libya. for us from moscow thanks for that. least sixteen people have been killed by israeli troops after they shot at demonstrators marking the day palestinians were displaced. as the state of israel was founded violence erupted on what the palestinians call the naacp a day when some seven hundred thousand of them were forced out riot police used tear gas and rubber bullets to stop thousands storming the borders from syria lebanon and gaza from getting into the country prime minister benjamin netanyahu said israel is determined to defend its sovereignty. from the most solid center for
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arabs in israel says it's time for the international community to step in. well when we talk about the border there is a phrase that i designed. is the way it is all compiling all these areas and people have the right to you know according also to the international agreements is going to have responsibility to take care of all of that if you g.'s and all of the people that are living down there. and i think it's of all time that the international community will act on all these are disposable to such a reaction to an envoy and. i think the international community you. know is thinking this there are some communities that actually give me good i'm happy that the international community called example is acting against the regime i think in the case of we see all over the historians are going to start on i think it's very important to hold israel to the international community stand outs on that. you know like we already are over forty years of occupation of occupied
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palestinian territories and over sixty three years without a solution for that if you g.'s problems that have been created all of the in for so when you talk about their traditional community the international community have responsibility they couldn't consideration that the creation of the state of his was done by the u.n. i think it's of all time that the u.n. and the international community. there is really a public under israeli policy makers to decide what they want and they want one state solution solution but they can't pull three million people. without making a decision what actually is about a warrant. from or you can always click on r.t. that you can find lots online right now to check it out the celebrations over osama bin laden's killing take a turn as polls suggest most americans have had a morality check over cheering someone's that. looks
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to have back and stopping what governor after suggesting. a massive hike in the capital's car parking charges as the mayor suggested ducking it from his salary all the details that are. russia has reaffirmed it will take measures if the u.s. and nato continue with their european missile defense plan without taking moscow's view on board the foreign ministry says it will be forced into a quote appropriate response moscow has been concerned over the alliance's failure to guarantee the project won't threaten the russia's security washington has been leading efforts for the missile shield in europe saying it will help protect the continent from countries including iran and north korea russia wants it to be an equal part of the project but there's been little progress so far in reaching a compromise russia's envoy to nato says moscow was tired of dry talk. who would like to receive the real good and useful new little stateside nikos. says from that to the missile defense program which looks against russia it's ok.
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to kill the firm and how it works what to do with it would like to support real illegals that are in use through the set up in the business will be stationed in the will from russian point of view we do understand the principle school to school creates the system so we need a real reason a small community and i can see some that are sufficiently sufficient to be seen as this insight we need information we have over the we need missile defense base two planes to which we will sell the use of the system on the aegis of missile so. it seems to me that the good you'd like to find the final solution the crucial so is going by the eleven states will go to a new industry in the cold for european the russian ritu for a key picture of the system so the system. turned out to some other stories making headlines across the globe u.s.
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space shuttle endeavor has blasted off on its twenty fifth and final mission delivering a two billion dollars particle physics lab out to the international space station the trip is expected to last sixteen days during which astronauts will go on for a spacewalk spacewalks it's the penultimate mission in the shuttle program before the three ship fleet is retired. perth. a saudi diplomat has been shot dead by gunmen on motorcycles in pakistan they opened fire on a security officials carwell on the roof of the consulate the shooting comes days after identify the attacker through two grenades of a saudi consulate in karachi no group has admitted the attack but all tied to has repeatedly threatened the saudi government after the killing of osama bin laden. residence from two towns near japan. crippled nuclear plant have left their homes are pretty exclusion zone was extended about five thousand people were moved into housing in hotels and nearby cities the latest evacuations started after a melting fuel rods created a hole in
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a reactor chamber japanese engineers are now trying to come up with new ways to stabilize the stricken reactor was radioactive material continues to leak. in a few minutes we need a former f.b.i. fugitive who explains why she thinks the u.s. is on par with the terrorists fighting the first let's get a check from the business news with kareena stay with us. welcome to our tease. have you with me b.p. shares are down in london and expectations it will not meet the deadline for the chest wall with last night which expires at midnight on monday that's off of the two companies reportedly made a new offer to buy b.p.'s rawson part they are out of take a peek in some parts news agency sources close to the talks say they are just rejected the proposal that we think has the details. well there is no information available right now from the parties involved but in fact a news agency it's quoting a source close to the negotiations has saying that b.p.
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and ross have offered to buy out the russian partners in t a k d p that's al back says win over group they offered cash and shares and b.p. has a premium to the market price but according to the source they all refused but this all but and in turn suggested imposing certain conditions which would quote be impossible for b.p. n roll snapped to accept so it seems right now to go see a show does goals they have been stalled for quite a while this deal was signed way back in january that it was looks good knowledge through an injunction would be stopped all of a trace in court as it violated the terms of agreement between b.p. and its russian partners because this agreement stipulates t m k b b should be the primary vehicle volbeat these operations in russia and ukraine so the deadline is midnight but say it's very hard to say how this deal would come through but it's quite unlikely that this deal be abandoned altogether as the government sees it as
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not most important it's been labeled the deal of the year and we've also had the as human as this against macro say bad it's important a solution should be pounds which will be in the interest of all parties involved. now let's have a look at the markets so you are still shake off morning losses a rebound in commodities prices are lifting roman to no produces you want mining and freeport no one called for in gold gaining and mining shares financial shares are also higher in the continental exchanges six percent leading to gains and eighty of the eighty two financial companies and stocks in europe are in the red and even trading financial shares among the biggest losers blue collar is bank shedding three percent of the dax b.p. shares are lower for one one point one percent ahead of a midnight deadline for the company to secure a sixteen billion dollars share swap deal for up to exploration with russian. camera. russian markets pretty slow as well from isaac frost nearly point six percent c.r.t.'s and it's over eight percent in the red now let's have
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a look at the individual share moves in energy sector gas problem lost over of the signs on concerns about the growth in internal tariffs of the gas finished down more than two percent on profit taking after it announced dividend payments line with expectations have also finished slower after the deadline to secure shuswap p.p.p. moved into western parts on capital explains the current volatility on the markets . but it looks like we have a continuation already seen over the last couple of weeks which is basically exegete extreme russia but mainly it's a thing materials and as you names it's a continuation in follows on from russia have to be one of the best performing markets of the last six months but also we have these three new world continuation rather of concerns of sovereign stress and so for europe and then there's also concerns about hiking rates given the concerns about slowdown in global growth so it's really exiting russia given profits. in this environment and moving into safer
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assets. screw or futures continue to lose ground with the rest of the head of the international monetary fund adding on certainty to the resolution of europe's sovereign debt was quite sweet trading at ninety eight dollars a pound france is over one hundred thirteen dollars a barrel. here third largest generali and russia second largest bank we are planning to expand their cooperation in russia's insurance market and companies have signed a memorandum i have not specified what sort of venture they are considering. as already partners. around one percent of the t.v. for three hundred million dollars and probably generally also owns a significant stake in one of russia's largest insurance companies. it's all for the back unless one out with march i mean.
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the. jump the official tee up location chauny for the i pod touch from the substance. on the. video on demand cheese month old comes.


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